In the Malagasy Language, "Vatosoa" , pronounced as [Va]-[Too]-[Soo], is the word for Precious Stone. 

"Vatousu Madagascar Gems" belongs to Import Export arYmada, a Canadian company created in 2014 by Liva Rakotomalala. This Canadian of Malagasy origin, conscious of the enormous potential offered by his country of origin, decided to go into business to promote the latter and also to offer a better quality of life to many other Malagasy by offering jobs and fair wages to a population that is in great need of it. 

Madagascar is booming in many industrial sectors; the mining sector is undoubtedly the one that has generated the most attention in recent years. New deposits of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are constantly being discovered and a real enthusiasm is now taking place among local population. In fact, most of the sought-after precious and semi-precious stones are available in Madagascar: garnet, tourmaline, tanzanite, beryl, topaz, citrine, peridot, demantoid, tsavorite, alexandrite, sphene, spinel etc. Thus, offering Malagasy gemstones was an obvious choice, complemented by the fact that, some of his family members  were in the gem business for many decades. 

One of the advantages of the precious stones of Madagascar is that despite the poverty existing in the country, there is no major conflict there. We can, therefore, guarantee that all precious and semi-precious stones that are on sale on are all stones to be free from any conflict.

In conclusion, our extensive network of contacts with the Malagasy mining communities also allows us to have access to very rare stones and exceptional values. If you are looking for specific stones such as sapphires or rubies of 20 carats or more, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your requests.

"Buy precious and semi-precious stones from and make an ethical and fair choice." Liva Rakotomalala, July 2018